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10 Ways You Know It's Pride

Every once and again you come across something in the pantheon of ephemera that feels so wonderfully well done that you want to hold it tight and say, "Hello Mr., you are great." The Australian/New York gay magazine Hello Mr. was just such a thing. Sexy, unpretentious, international, we were curious what they would have to say about that epic celebration known as New York Gay Pride. Here's what they came back with:

You Know It’s Pride When...

1. All the “Legalize Gay” tanks at American Apparel are sold out of the neon colors, so you settle for the black and white “GAY O.K.” crew neck with sleeves.

2. Your taste for local craft beer is suspiciously replaced for “just a vodka soda, please.”

3. The windshield wiper, formerly known as your thumb, experiences extreme fatigue from swiping through the sudden onslaught of “just in town for the weekend”-ers on Tinder.

4. Seeing a boy kiss a boy in public makes you feel the most patriotic you’ve ever felt.

5. A special flavor of ice cream is created JUST FOR YOU!

6. Your mom texts you, “Be safe this weekend! ;)” rainbow emoji

7. Your straight friend from college Gchats you out of the blue asking if they can come stay with you next weekend so they “do Pride.”

8. Golden Girls quotes that reference equal rights take over your Facebook feed.

9. Your recently used emojis include; the rainbow emoji, the boys holding hands emoji, the eggplant emoji, and the nail-painting emoji.

10. You look at last minute flights out of town, because you literally just can’t this year...

Special thanks to Hello Mr. magazine.

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