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Single Is Dangerous

LE BAIN: SINGLE is your new fashion brand, but you have been involved with fashion for a long time, as one of the creators of the famous Australian brand Ksubi. What did you learn from the massive success of Ksubi?
DAN SINGLE: I learned that with massive success you can still have massive failure! Enjoy the journey and make the most of the time you got while doing the things you love - it may not be around forever.

Is SINGLE a new beginning in every way?
It's just a new refreshed beginning after a long break.

Dan making some masks for the Paris' debut.

You were in Paris last month to do the first presentation at (capsule). What was the most fun part of it?
Spending days playing dress ups with my collection. It only arrived the day of the show so that was cool. Also DJing at Le Baron until 7am was fun, too!

And the most inspiring?
No doubt, the city - it rules in the same way NYC does. It's a tie for the best city.

If you had to pick one of your garments as as an emblem of SINGLE, what would it be?
Everyone seems to be vibing on this particular silver mesh knit I have…the girls love it.

The silver mesh knit

Dan Single is your name and you are known as ‘Dangerous Dan’ when you DJ and do music. In what ways is it Dangerous to be SINGLE?
It is very dangerous to be single, nothing to do with my name, just the idea in general. No one to encourage you to go home, no one to think about when you second guess a potentially troublesome situation. When your I phone battery dies you might not have someone else's next to you to borrow. You know, stuff like that.

SINGLE is about "Peace, Love, Spirits & Witchcraft.” You do seem to always be in good spirits yourself. What’s your little witch secrets to keep your creative energy going?
I love spirits, being around good spirits, creating good vibes is what it’s all about! I have been surrounded by so many good spirits in this last journey of my life that it’s hard to not keep positive vibes.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening to fashion this winter (except SINGLE of course)?
Well, I gotta say my friend Virgil Abloh and his Off White collection did more than impress me in Paris - his shit is HOT!

And in music, what really turns you on and warms you up, in this cold NYC winter?
Right now what turns me on and warms me up is being in the bath with my wife, the MOST beautiful, listening to any part of Peanut Butter Wolf’s 24-hr Valentines Day Mix. Tiga, Justin Martin, Claude Von Stroke, Green Velvet and a sprinkling of African pop music is what gets me dancing.

Friday, February 13th, Le Bain presents SINGLE featuring Eric 'Dunks' Duncan, Max Pask, Dangerous Dan & Plastic Plates. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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