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If 'Purple Magazine' Wasn't Purple, What Would It Be?

Twice a year, the ever glamorous Purple crowd takes over Narcissa to toast their latest issue. Volume III, Issue 24 features a beautifully bucolic image of the great Catherine Deneuve. Inside, don't miss the Kenny Scharf photo spread. (Did we give them the inspiration?) Anyway, we wondered, for no particular reason, if Purple weren't purple, what color would it be. We surveyed the room and thanks to the creative collective conscious, there were a handful of peculiar overlaps...and many different shades of purple.
Mauve, a pale shade of purple, was elected by Glenn O'Brien and the founder of PIN-UP, Felix Burrichter. (Felix had an "off-the-record" response as well. See above). Purple's gentler, more fragrant friend lilac did very well with votes from Courtney Love, Arden Wohl, and Enga Purevjav who called it, "More sexy than purple." The writer Steven Galloway went with the absence of color, not white, but "clear." It was good ol', sexy black that won the day however, with nods from Petra Collins, Sante D'Orazio, and Purple's main man, Olivier Zahm, who said it was either that or, "fuck."  We'll leave that one to the imagination.

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The Purple crowd's responses: 

Glenn O’Brien: Mauve
Elettra Wiedemann: Metallic silver-ish
Courtney Love – Lilac
Arden Wohl – Lilac 
Sante D’Orazio – Black
Enga Purevjav – Lilac, because it’s sexier than purple
Olivier Zahm – Black…or fuck
Felix Burrichter, found of PIN-UP  – Mauve or (off the record) pussy
Steven Galloway – Clear
Kim Gordon, musician/artist – Navy Blue
Jeanette Hayes, artist – Lavender
Francesco Clemente, artist – I don’t know, whatever Olivier said. AKA SEX
Petra Collins, artist – Black 
Michel Gaubert, music designer –  Orange 
Adam Selman, designer  – Orange 

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