Le Bain

Wake Up: Adi Toohey

Sydney's own Adi Toohey shares her top five wake up records before she plays Le Bain on Friday, April 14th alongside Tom Noble and Private Panther.

“Sometimes you need a little help getting out of bed. Here's where these records come in!" –Adi Toohey

Jex Opolis'
"Birds And Morning Rain"
"A soothing wake up call from New York’s own Jex Opolis."
"Never Get Enough (Sunday Morning Mix)"
"Sunday morning sounds out of Italy in 1990."

T.S. Monk's
"Candidate For Love"
"Cheesy as heck, but who could resist?"

"Change The World
(Shut Up & Dance Version)"
"This one is more of a social awakening with earnest advice over a classic Shut Up & Dance breakbeat."

Charles Dockins presents James Howard's
"We Can Do It (Wake Up) 
(The Wake Up Mix)"
"On a similar note, “Open up your eyes / So that you can see / What we need is unity…"

On Friday, April 14th, Le Bain presents Adi Toohey 
with Tom Noble (Superior Elevation) and Private Panther
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Adi Toohey's Soundcloud

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