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No Regular Play, No Regular Routine

Friday, November 20th, Wolf+Lamb House duo No Regular Play, a.k.a. Greg Paulus and Nick Debruyn, return to Le Bain with Justin Miller.
LE BAIN: It seems you’ve been touring non-stop since last time we had a chat: Europe, South America, USA... How do you manage the No Regular routine of touring? 
NO REGULAR PLAY: We do try and keep a pretty consistent touring schedule, mainly so we don't have to get bartending jobs. In all seriousness though, we really love playing whether it's DJing or experimenting with the live show—adding other musicians and rotating in new material. The loop is real though: airport - flight - car ride - hotel nap - soundcheck - dinner - gig - after party - hotel nap - airport. It definitely has taken years off our lives!

No Regular Play Too Dramatic (Wolf + Lamb music 2015)

In general, how do you keep it 'No Regular' musically, in the studio and when performing as DJs or live? 
The term 'No Regular Play' is actually a sort of S&M act invented by our dear friend that involves leather string with two fishing weights on each end! But to keep things different and challenging we have been experimenting with adding a drummer and keyboard player in the live sets and the studio. This has really been inspiring to have the added interplay of more musicians and it makes the possibilities endless.

"The term 'No Regular Play' is actually a sort of S&M act..."

Your last release was Too Dramatic earlier this year on W+L and your first album Endangered Species was released in 2012. Does it feel like 2016 is time for a second album? 
We just finished our second album, a couple EP's and are currently wrapping up the mastering of a Live record we did with a full band. We've got a ton of material that will soon be coming out and basically it's just better than anything we've done. We've been working with Alex "Hammer" Hamadey on the album and he's really helped take some of our ideas to the next level sonically. 
Beats In Space with No Regular Play (November 2012)

What’s up with the Marcy Hotel

The Marcy Hotel is now a gutted trash heap that they just can't seem to rent to some poor store owner for the new insane price. Apparently a dilapidated storefront facing 17 lanes of traffic and angry car horns isn't appealing for a Pink Berry or Starbucks (laughs)! I would like to call the landlord to see if he misses the $50,000 or so in rent from me, but he'd probably say "no, I don't".

You said that you never leave NYC without a stack of New Yorker magazines. What was the last article that we definitely should read? 
There was a great article from a couple weeks back written by Nicholas Schmidle about one refugee's escape from Syria into Europe. It's an amazing story that shows just how dire the situation in Syria has become, and the great efforts the refugees are making to escape it. 

Friday, November 20th, Le Bain presents No Regular Play (Wolf + Lamb) and Justin Miller (Have A Killer Time). Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

Header artwork: No Regular Play by Full Moon Fest 

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