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Have A Killer Time, Whenever

LE BAIN: What's your favorite track from Have a Killer Time to listen to while running on the Williamsburg Bridge at night?
JUSTIN MILLER: Running the Williamsburg bridge and back is no easy feat. For blood pumping motivation, nothing makes me feel more like a Brooklyn badass than Anthony Collins' "Lie To Me". With its gritty, pounding, in-your-face bassline, this 12-minute beast of a track will kick in the extra endorphins needed to obtain that runner's high.

Anthony Collins Lie To Me (HAKT)

And what about for having a killer time while cruising on Sunset Blvd?
With its cinematic overtones, the Balearic bombshell that is "N1" by Cale Parks provides the perfect soundtrack for an evening cruise down the boulevard. Cale Parks continues to chart a compelling new path with his upcoming "Lagoon Fool" EP, out soon on HAKT.

Cale Parks N1 (HAKT)

What about for having a killer time while flying to your next tour in Europe?
I’m usually fast asleep on any flight, but from time to time I take advantage of my time by getting music together for an upcoming gig. I’ll be jamming out hard in my seat imagining a night playing a recent staple in my set "Spasdo" by Round Table Knights.

Round Table Knights Spasdo (HAKT)

What would you suggest for having a killer time dancing at an after party and forgetting where you are?
"I Can’t" by Abstraxion fits the bill here. The track's dark, thumping melody accompanied by dream-like vocals will lift the spirit in the blackest of the after-hours.

Abstraxion I Can’t (HAKT)

Having a killer time while dancing in the NYC skyline?
Still a mega-bomb and soon to be classic "Nothing Less" by Brooklyn’s No Regular Play is a HAKT anthem of sorts. The horns and break down never fail to move any and all feet in the room. A Manhattan backdrop is the quintessential scenario for a tune this large.

No Regular Play Nothing Less (HAKT)

Friday, March 27th, Le Bain presents Have A Killer Time featuring Anthony Collins and Justin Miller. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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