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Nicky Siano's Love Songs

The legendary New York DJ Nicky Siano tells us about his favorite love songs before he plays all night at Le Bain for Valentine's Day, Sunday, February 14th.
NICKY SIANO: For me, the love songs that made the strongest impression were from my youth, in the 70's. In those years, all dance clubs played a slow song or two during the night - it was standard practice. I was dating my high school sweetheart, Robin, and her favorite song was "Without You" by Harry Nilsson. Whenever we went into a club, she'd say,"Nicky, go up into the booth and ask him to play 'Without You'".
Harry Nilsson "Without You"
That same year, in 1970, I discovered my favorite singer/songwriter of all time, Laura Nyro, and it was on her second album, Eli and the Thirteen Confession that I heard the song "Emily", which is still one of my favorite love songs.
Laura Nyro "Emily"
In 1974, when The Gallery first opened, Larry Levan and I became very close friends, we lived together, and were together every night, going out. On Friday and Saturday nights, The Gallery would be open, and Larry would ask me to play his favorite love song, "Stay A While With Me", by Sharon Ridley. This is truly a Gallery classic. 
Sharon Ridley "Stay a While with Me" 
In 1975 - I don't remember where I heard it first - but "Keep Your Head To The Sky" by Earth Wind and Fire became The Gallery's standard slow song for three years. 
Earth Wind and Fire "Keep Your Head To The Sky"
"The Love I Lost" by Harold Melvin will always be the most heart-wrenching classic love song for me, along with their version of "Don't Leave Me This Way". Those two songs redefined how love songs were recorded. 
Harold Melvin "The Love I Lost" 
Sunday, February 14th, Le Bain presents Love Is The Message with Nicky Siano playing all night (9pm-3am). The Standard, High Line. 

Header photo: Nicky Siano playing at The Gallery

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