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Far Away with Cooper Saver

Los Angeles DJ and agitator Cooper Saver delivers a Balearic sunset mix before he plays Le Bain's rooftop for Été d'Amour on Sunday, June 12th.
LE BAIN: Tell us about your mix. 
COOPER SAVER: I recorded this immediately after returning home from an entire weekend spent sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing. It was my first weekend off from gigs and throwing parties, so the change of pace was much needed. One of the songs I used in the mix, "Stop Bajon" by Tullio De Piscopo, I rediscovered while at the beach and had on repeat the whole weekend. I feel like it's the ultimate summer jam and I'll be playing it as much as possible over the next few months. 
Cooper Saver's "Été d'Amour Sunset Mix"
Is there such a thing as ‘LA Balearic’?
It doesn't get any more "LA Balearic" than cruising along PCH between the city and Malibu. Windows down of course. 

What's your earliest memory of the sunset?
I've been staring at sunsets thinking about life for as long as I can remember so it's hard to share a specific memory, but I will say it's a timeless activity for me that never gets old. It really puts things into perspective.

And the most romantic thing to do with a date... 
You really can't go wrong with finding a perfect view of the city during sunset and just chilling out. That might be a bold date, but I'm sure it'll stand out amongst all the boring and routine Tinder dates that most people have to put up with. 
Cooper Saver enjoying Gold Coast, Australia. 
You run your own Far Away parties in Los Angeles. Where's the furthest place you've ever been from LA? 
I spent a month in Australia last year and had an amazing time. It was January, which is basically the peak of summer down under. I can't wait to return one day. 

How far away would you go musically to make people dance?
I'll go as far as it takes to share a good time with like-minded people. Give me a ticket and I'll go pretty much anywhere.  

On Sunday, June 12thLe Bain presents Été d'Amour
featuring Cooper Saver, Sinkane, and Higgins
Doors open at 2pm, party starts at 5pm | The Standard, High Line

Header photo: Cooper Saver

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