Sommelier, SHL


Food & Beverage

Reporting to:

Beverage Director



To create experiences by embracing and empowering a diverse collective of team members, collaborators, and guests, who chose to call The Standard home.

 Position Department:

Food and Beverage

Reports To:

Direct: Beverage Director


Key Relationships:


·         F&B Department, Accounting, Reservations, Events


·         Restaurant customers, hotel guests/visitors, vendors


Work Area:

F&B Office and Restaurants


Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:

Administrative Duties:

·         Ordering BTG & fast movers for all outlets 1 day a week.

o   Keeping a physical count on all BTG to order the proper amount for the week.

o   Knowing the pars/case breaks

o   Keeping order sheet up to date with all changes by Beverage Director

o   Placing orders via Birch Street

o   Emailing reps a detailed email with specific order details including cost and delivery date

o   Entering new items into ACCUBAR

o   Emailing the team and storeroom the complete order for the next day

·         Events upkeep

o   Acquire the Events BEO stack when placing orders to accommodate all private events with the correct inventory.

·         Overseeing receiving

o   Crosscheck invoices with actual delivery vs order placed. Notify Wine Director of any discrepancies.

o   Consolidate shelves in cellar to make room to rack overflow boxes. Update bin sheet. (Daily)

·         Staff Training

o   Keep new BTG staff descriptions up-to-date for all outlets and save in Wine Team share drive.

o   Lead café & MDR line-up’s with staff training. Provide printed write-up materials for the team and encourage them in a positive way to know our menus.

o   Ring in and comp all wine poured for staff training.

o   Administer pop quizzes for staff once a month and email management team high and low scores with recommendations for additional coaching’s.

·         Menus

o   Update MDR & Café menus for 86 items, vintage changes, additions, etc. after service

o   Prints the updated menus.

o   Does a menu count each night for MDR & Café & LR and notifies the team of any missing menus.

o   Changes  out the menus and replaces covers as necessary.

o   Print out copies of updated menus for all outlets for the storeroom team, so they have the latest info.

·         Closing report   

o   Fill out closing report template at the end of each day with all of the relevant sales, 86’s, Low’s, Squirrel issues, vintage changes, food changes, additions, etc. and email to management team.

·         Stocking

o   Wines need to be stocked before service.

·         Squirrel

o   Squirrel must be programed to reflect any and all BTG changes for café, MDR, and bar screens.

o   Bottle additions must be updated as well.

o   Any errors found in Squirrel, must be updated by EOD.

·         Accubar

o   Somm is responsible for transfers in Accubar

o   Adhere to the SOP for new items and update spelling, reporting, formatting as needed.


Floor Duties:

·         Emails the management team the line-up notes for the day and organizes the tasting for line-up.

·         Somm must be present at all times on the floor, and be available for any team member that may need assistance.

·         The somm is expected to be a leader on the floor and help the team execute our service standards.

·         It is the somm’s duty to make sure all glassware is ready for service and polished correctly.

·         Somm station must be clean and set-up for service with all of the relevant documents and wine tools.

·         The somm is encouraged to sell appropriate bottles to guests in MDR & café.

·         While on the floor, the somm is encouraged to drive beverage sales. Oversee BTG pours for cost control, encourage second and third rounds of BTG’s ordered. Drive fortified and dessert wine sales. Follow-through with second and third bottle sales on appropriate tables.

·         The somm is expected to have a deep knowledge of the wine list and sell from all parts of the list.

·         The somm is also responsible for having a working knowledge of our cocktail, beer, and spirits programs in order to provide our guests the best experiences.

·         The somm is to assist the bar team on any menu updates and service changes. The somm and bar team should have a close relationship and work in tandem on the programs as well as encourage each other on menu knowledge.


Qualifications and Requirements:

Brand Ambassador:
Throughout the hotel we actively seek to employ a unique, diverse and thoughtful group of people that are committed to delivering our unconventional brand of hospitality while also growing with us:

·         They are committed to and fully comprehend the idea of being of service;

·         They do not just delight guests, but excite them–by creating unique, unexpected & memorable experiences;

·         They are ambitious, vibrant and social/friendly individuals;

·         They genuinely embrace diversity in all forms, interested to have people from all race and gender to be their friend;

·         They encourage genuine relationships with guests that enable them to not only preempt needs but foresee desires;

·         They have personality and depth;

·         They have a desire and unyielding appetite for learning & knowledge—being in-the-know with what is happening in the city and around the world;

·         They are creative in areas like music, cinema, art, performance, fashion, design, tech and business;

·         They are engaging, socially adept and solution-based individuals able to navigate the scene with confidence and ease;

·         They are able to entertain guests in a compassionate, respectful and meaningful manner;

·         They are authentically themselves;

·         They want to play a role in constructing a kinder and better world.



·         Understanding: Ability to read, comprehend and carry out instructions according to established procedures

·         Comprehension: Fluent in the English language

·         Organizational Skills: Work efficiently, utilize multi-tasking, prioritize tasks

·         Hygiene and Sanitation: Adherence to uniform, grooming and personal hygiene standards and expectations per  SOP’s

·         Punctuality: Adherence to posted schedule and arrival time and attendance at mandatory meetings when scheduled

·         Responsibility: Personal comportment in line with Standard, New York policies, standards, and expectations

·         Previous work experience in upscale, high volume restaurants

·         Have extensive wine knowledge


·         Multi-lingual

·         College Degree

·         Certification through the Court of Masters Sommeliers


 Salary $25-$30 an hour 


Standard High Line Employer, LLC (the “Company”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employment decisions are to be made without regard to race, color, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, religion, creed, marital status, transgender status partnership status, familial status, national origin/ancestry, alienage or citizenship status, unemployment status, mental or physical disability or medical condition, handicap, military status, veteran’s status, genetic information, status as a victim of domestic violence, status as a victim of sex offenses or stalking, employment status, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law. We endeavor to select, place, train, and promote the best qualified individuals based upon job-related factors such as ability, work quality, suitability, experience, and potential.


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