Weekend Reading: June 9, 2017

It's almost Pride in LA, and the BABADOOK IS READY. Are you?

Here are The Standard's five favorite things from the week in case you find yourself needing to play catch up as you lay in your favorite poolside chaise.
#1: Just in time for Pride, everyone realizes the Babadook is gay

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The monster from the 2014 Australian horror movie is coming out and wants the world to know. It started as a joke on Tumblr, then Netflix accidentally characterized the film as LGBTQ, and then the Internet got carried away with it. Here's a recap on Vulture that sums it up. Get familiar before the joke is beaten to death. In similar news, this peacock is more ready for Pride than any of us. Get on her LEVEL.
#2: We Compiled Your Weirdest DMs
Thanks to the editor that spent 6 hours of her life combing through every single Facebook message anyone's ever sent any of our properties, we have THIS POST. She says, "You're welcome." Keep your weirdest DMs coming, we appreciate them immensely.
#3: These two new songs by TLC and Alvvays
TLC's BACK for their "final" album! Thanks Kickstarter!!!!!
We love this indie Canadian band and can't stop listening to this song. Please send help.
#4: We Went Back to the '90s Club Kid Days
If you're fascinated by Michael Alig and his '90s Club Kid group of misfits as much as we are, then you'll love this feature we did on Jenny Dembrow, the queen of them all. She talks about descending into caverns of abandon and making it out alive, all to dive into the most amazing club for girls we've ever heard of. Read it here
#5: All the Memes We Have Comey to Thank

This post on Buzzfeed rounds up the Tweets that made us laugh when all we wanted to do was scream-cry. Also, we want to thank Dianne Feinstein for this gift

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