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Getting serious with nightlife agitators Mike Guimond and Seth Magoon, before going wild with their new party residency at Le Bain: Never Fake It.
THE STANDARD: Last November, you celebrated the ‘Last Dance’ of your beloved New York party Solarplexia. Is it for real or is it some kind of LCD Soundsystem last dance?

MIKE GUIMOND: This is the end. Solarplexia was put to bed in a bittersweet, yet triumphant fashion two weekends ago at the Brooklyn Bazaar. Our collective hero, Justin Strauss, dropped the final needle at around 6:05am… the house lights turned on, and a family-filled floor wrapped each other in embrace for one last dance. Arthur Russell’s “This Is How We Walk On The Moon” closed the curtains on an amazing four years. I would like to thank the team, Seth and the late 90s actor Tom Arnold for an amazing run. Tom really helped out at the end.

Why did you stop?

MIKE: We stopped for a slew of reasons. If you want the full story you will have to come to the residency launch and ask me... but many of the reasons have two sides to the same coin. As one example: the nightlife scene is more saturated than it's ever been – ask any longtime jockey or native NYC dance music fan. This is, 1) amazing for the dancers of New York with so many options but, 2) creates a lot of competition between promoters and clubs who want more or less a slice of the same pie. 
People told me, "raise your ticket prices, you're way below the average" but I refused to do that. Dance music shouldn't have economic boundaries.

SETH MAGOON: Specifically in the last 24 months we noticed it becoming increasingly difficult to book the talent we really wanted, for the fees that we could afford. Typically we’d be strung along by agents for 6-10 weeks before getting a "no" on an offer, and we’d frequently watch them pop up at a big name nightclub on that same date instead. Understandable for the most part, yes, but our frustration really boiled down to the increasing lack of interest shown for the smaller promoters with true built in communities behind them. These are the people that are working incredibly hard in NYC to do their thing.

"Dress to dance, embrace the sweat, and please, for the love of your god, take care of your ears!"

It has been 4 years of Solarplexia. Should parties in general only last four years?

SETH: For me, I’ll forever hang onto my love for Solarpexia in some capacity or another. The whole experience was invaluably formative for us all. Did it need to end? No, by no means did it need to, but the timing was right. Mike and I decided we’d bid it farewell in a deliberate manner... the way we knew it at its very best… Riding one final, hurling wave of ‘hands in the air’ adrenaline, love, sweat, fog, and strobes with our closest family and friends.  

MIKE: I'm blushing. I love you, Seth.

Solarplexia might be behind us, but here comes ‘Never Fake It, your new residency at Le Bain... What will make it special?

MIKE: Never Fake It is about three things: a rocksteady focus on the art of DJing, wholehearted encouragement to party harder than you ever have, and a focus on the crowd over the jockeys. At Solarplexia, being so DIY in nature, we had a multitude of objections to overcome when it came to sound, lights, and logistics for every party. Speaking specifically to our #1 priority with NFI, we’re thrilled to have a professionally built out club infrastructure and staff to work with. We’re intent on utilizing the ARS [Japanese rotary mixer] for every single party, and putting a heavy emphasis on vinyl and vinyl-only selectors. A-Trak's #RealDJing campaign from a couple of years ago really spoke to me, he's a personal hero of mine. A little bit of that inspiration was put into thought with this new residency. 

SETH: After a string of all-nighters we played at the club last year, we realized that the space really compliments our crowd, and their ability to catalyze a particular strain of carefree, dancefloor mania that is surprisingly hard to find today in NY.  With that, the number two focus will center on pushing the envelope within that lens, highlighting the eccentricities of our personality with that of our crowds; encouraging everyone to indulge in these unbridled, free, dancefloor hysterics.

MIKE: Speaking to our third priority: if you come to our party more than once, we will take notice, and we will reward you for your commitment to the dance floor. The famous Robert Johnson saying goes, "What is a club without its people?" At Never Fake It, we will take care of you. I can guarantee that. I'd also like to add this is not a party where you go out to be seen, or to care about how hot you look. Dress to dance, embrace the sweat, and please, for the love of your god, take care of your ears!

If Solarplexia was ‘the highest form of happiness on earth’, what will “Never Fake It” be about?

SETH:  Experience over everything! That’s always been our main focus. Again, what is a club without its people? Zilch. Our people need to be cherished, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity, and new home, to do exactly that. We hope to see you on December 14th! 

On Saturday, February 1st,
Le Bain presents Never Fake It

Music by Mike Guimond and Seth Magoon
10pm | The Standard, High Line


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