Balls, Balls, Balls

This season on Standard Culture, it's all about BALLS—from the voguing kind to the kind that gets your foot in the door.

Over the summer months, we dove headlong into the wonderful world of WETNESS. We traced a day in the life of Narcissa’s dewy, delicious lettuce. We talked with East Village artist Francesco Clemente about the significance of water in his work. We dropped in on Sport Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Hannah Davis at The Standard, Miami Beach. We explored the ancient (and at times controversial) history of bathing. We chatted with Leonard Koren, the founder of Wet, the first and only magazine dedicated to the effervescent joys of gourmet bathing.

Now, as we head into fall, we turn to something different—or rather, roll into something different. Because this month we’re talking about BALLS. Yes, that’s right, balls. The voguing kind. The kind you bounce. The kind you attend. The kind that get your foot in the door. The kind we live on. You gotta have balls to succeed in this world. 

To kick things off and build a bridge between Wetness and Balls (that's right), we’ve got a story that combines the best of both: a day at The Standard, Hollywood with the West Hollywood Aquatics Association’s men’s waterpolo squad. They brought their big yellow balls, and they tossed them to and fro in our pool (in between breaks for Bloody Mary’s), and photographer Peter Boehler captured the action, the balls, and the boys, in all their glory.  

And to get you all in the right frame of mind, Standard Culture has assembled this essential BALLS viewing experience. Balls for all! 

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