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PHOTO RECAP: RuPaul’s DragCon Comes to New York

This past weekend, while New York was in the throes of Fashion Week, an equally glamorous congregation was descending on the Javits Center: RuPaul’s DragCon. Smack dab between a podcast festival and a pool trade show, the setting was…odd, but it couldn’t have mattered less: the fest’s first foray to New York City brought out the glamazons in mass, including some of the biggest names in drag (Detox! Carrie Dragshaw!). Hot on the heels of its third successful year in LA, and offering a clarion clear rallying cry amid the current political climate, Drag Con landed at an apt moment. As Ru put it in his opening remarks: 

“My queens: we are all ambassadors to these young, gorgeous kids who are going to walk through this building today and tomorrow. With what’s happening politically and socially, they are the promise of America's future. And that's why DragCon is so important."

We dispatched photographer Zachary Krevitt to capture the scene, and what a glorious scene it is to behold! The joy and fun speaks for itself. Check out these awe-inspiring photos, and we dare you not to be inspired…

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