Jara at The Standard

Local time
Carrer de Bartomeu Vicent Ramon, 9, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain


The hotel’s ground-floor entrance and street-level restaurant Jara throw open the doors to beautiful strangers and the buzzing street scene, while guests enjoy farm-to-table cuisine and fresh cocktails, café-style. On the menu are dishes that allow ingredients to do the talking: vine-ripened tomato tartare expresses the agrarian staple at its finest. Sea bass “divorciado” and other fruits de la mer celebrate Ibiza’s rich port history. In the evening, Jara is a social and culinary destination, upping the ante within intimate banquettes and closed curtains, creating an atmosphere where anything goes.

Check out our live-music programming and happenings HERE, and our recurring happenings in Jara:
Daily: "After Beach" Happy Hour, 6-8pm


Monday - Sunday
8AM - 12AM

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