Welcome Monterrey Bar and Café Standard to Miami Beach

Meet your new buzz.

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

Miami Beach just got hotter, y'all. We are thrilled, ecstatic, over the moon and truly honored to announce the arrival of two new venues to The Standard Spa, Miami Beach: Monterrey Bar and Café Standard

First, a little history. Monterrey Bar pays homage to The Standard Spa, Miami Beach's namesake roots Monterrey Motel which opened at 40 Island Avenue in 1953 and was originally designed by Architect Norman Giller. The intimate bar celebrates unique twists on classic cocktails and elevated bites, and the surrounding shelves are lined with a pop art collection of 1980s ‘Frozen Moments’ by artist Geoffrey Rose. Culture!

Café Standard you might already know. With the OG hub at The Standard, East Village, it's our take on café culture that's way more than just coffee. A place that evolves from day to night, Café Standard at Miami Beach is serving up those healthy, beachy faves you've grown to love from Juice Café, but taking it further with big bites like Aubergine Toast, Veggie Bahn Mi, or Spirulina Vegan Pastries, just to name a few of our favorites. Everything you need from start to finish. 

Take a peek below to get a preview, then come visit us. Both spots are no reservations, so don't dilly-dally. 

Monterrey Bar

Visit website here.

Hot Tease: Truffled tater tots, ristretto martinis, butterfly pea-infused gin, crispy shrimp

Café Standard

View details and menu here.

Hot Tease: bone broth with miso, coconut and spirulina bowls, iced lattes with rose syrup, ginger honey lemon shots
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