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Are B-12 Shots Really as Great as They Say?

α-(5,6-dimethylbenzimidazolyl)cobamidcyanide aka B-12

The hangover cure. The weight-loss miracle. An energy booster. The mood enhancer. A sleep cure. Yes, we’re talking B 12 shots. Touted for boosting metabolism to assisting one to sleep better, buzz-worthy B 12 injections are now available at The Standard Spa Miami Beach. We get the 411 on the in-demand vitamin treatment with our resident Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine Lori Bell.

You are The Standard's resident astrologer and acupuncturist. Why did you segue into B-12 shot territory? I took an injection therapy course two years ago. As an Acupuncture Physician in Florida, you can inject homeopathic remedies and vitamins. I started giving myself B-12 shots weekly and was impressed with my increased energy, overall mood improvement, increased concentration, and I haven't caught a cold since then. I was hooked.

B-12 is a vitamin. Where can it be found at an organic level? B12 is mostly found in foods related to animal products such as meats, fish, eggs and cheese.

Vitamin injection therapy is now becoming mainstream. Why? In our hectic lives, most if us want a boost of energy without the side effects of caffeine or a Red Bull. B-12 is the perfect choice. If we're rundown or coming into a very busy time, it's best to have a B-12. If you’re jetlagged or hung-over, a B-12 shot will ease the pain. The vitamin itself helps the body use carbohydrates and fat for energy and to create new protein. It improves your mood, increases concentration and boosts your immune system. The real question is: Why not?

How do B-12 shots work? B-12 is important for optimal functioning of your brain and central nervous system — it helps with the formation of red blood cells and is connected to energy production and is a mood regulator. A shot of B-12 is immediately available to the body since it bypasses the digestion.

Are there any conditions or illnesses in particular that can be alleviated with B-12? It's especially beneficial for vegetarians, vegans and people over age 50 to receive B-12 shots. They are at risk for low levels due to their diet. In addition, B-12 is given to people with anemia, depression, irritability, sleep and mental disorders as well as allergies and skin infections.

How often should one receive a B-12 shot? One can have it once a week or once a month — it all depends on your lifestyle. I recommend once a week when your entering a busy time and you need the extra energy and mental clarity. Some people come in often or others when they’re feeling rundown, about to catch a cold or get on a plane. It's a boost to the immune system and I encourage it to those who travel often.

Users claim B-12 shots give them a blast of energy, is this true? Yes, it's an energy booster. The initial surge of energy lasts from 24 to 48 hours. There is a remaining subtle increase of energy and mood that last for a week or so.

We've also read that B-12 aids in weight loss. Is there any truth to this claim? A shot of B-12 is an energy booster, so for those who want to lose weight, it certainly motivates one to get moving! Exercise is a big factor in weight loss and having the energy to jumpstart your exercise program certainly helps.

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