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Basel Tov!

Was it really a mere year ago that we all went down the Art Basel Miami Beach rabbit hole? It appears so, but it seems like only yesterday that we were donning our Future Eyes and striking out for the fairs. This year, we’ve decided to take a slightly different tack. Our plan is simply to lay back, revel in the serene joys of The Standard, Miami Beach, and let the beautiful chaos wash over us. Whatever happens, we’re going to take it all in stride, and comfort…we suggest you join us. 

One thing you should certainly have on your list is The Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill, which we've refreshed just in time for Basel. Thanks to the new awning, you can now dine by the Bay, rain or shine. In keeping with this breath of fresh air, Chef Mark has outfitted the Mediterranean-inspired menu with new dishes that are, as always, delicious. To make a reservation, email us ( or call our reservation line: 786-245-0880. 
Our event schedule is similarly stellar, and not to be missed, so start RSVPing to ensure your spot with us. 

Andre Saraiva presents fuckboifuneral curated by Petra Collins and Madelyne Beckles
Wednesday, December 2nd, 6-9pm
Standard pals Andre Saraiva and Petra Collins are back at our house again this year, putting together a scene as only they can. If this year's show is anything like last year's Literally Bye, we’re all in for a treat.
Cheryl Dunn’s Festivals Are Good Book Launch & Signing
Featuring Jacuzzi Boys

Thursday, December 3rd, 6-9pm
On Thursday, we’re hosting the launch party for Standard Press’ new book, Festivals Are Gooda rip-roaring look at over 20 years of music festivals through the lens of documentary photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn. As a very special treat, beloved locals Jacuzzi Boys will perform—very fitting.
The Standard + Bruce High Quality Foundation University Present: Chopped
Friday, December 4, 9pm to midnight
Friday night, our buddies Bruce High Quality take over for an evening of art making. In true Bruce style, the collective will host an evening of Chopped—but instead of edible ingredients, contestants will be given art materials...madness will most likely ensue.
The Standard & Creative Time Present: The Lazy Sunday BBQ Basel Edition
Sunday, December 6th, 12pm ‘til sunset
Finally, on Sunday, we’ll be doing what we do best: Lazy Sunday Barbecuing with Creative Time. Join us for the best way to wrap up Basel: lounging poolside, nursing hangovers, and talking it all out. Your presence is requested. 

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