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When Heather Meets Lauren

Le Bain: How did you two meet?
Heather: The first time we met must have been in Detroit, ages, I mean ages ago. We knew of each other from DJ and producer circles of that time. I always thought she was cool and very genuine.

Lauren: It was, I believe, in '98 or '99 back when I was a wee junglest. We DJ'd some rave in Detroit together along with Colette and Dayhota. I'm still close with all of these amazing ladies.

Lauren which record do you think would describe Heather the best?
Lauren: Cabaret Voltaire, Sensoria. I doubt most of Heathers fan base know this, but she used to work for Wax Trax back in the day. I was obsessed with that label and used to get those mailers sent to my parents house as a teenager. Heather even sent me a Wax Trax shirt a few years ago from when they had their 33 1/3 Anniversary party that I wasn't able to attend. Thrill Kill Kult, Front 242 and I believe Rev Co performed. She felt for me (laughs).

Heather, same question, which record describe Lauren the best? Heather: A Tim Buckley cover by This Mortal Coil, Song To The Siren. Self explanatory goth anthem goodness.

Which very recent record really impressed and surprised you?
Heather: I've been enjoying material from the D-Edge label, affiliated with club of the same name, based in Sao Paulo. It's one of my top places to play and they're responsible for releasing some great music as well.

Lauren: DJ Sneak and Murk To The Bassline feat. Dreadlion & Leslie Cartaya (Original Mix). Its 10 minutes of perfection.

Lauren, what's your favorite thing about Chicago?
As you would imagine, being Chicago and all, it's packed with true House heads. I moved to Chicago from Detroit back in '99 until the beginning 2002, and from there I transplanted to New York. Everyone's remained supportive throughout the years and I just love whenever I get to go back. I certainly play tons of Chicago House in my sets and most likely will until I die!

Heather, what's your favorite thing about Brooklyn?
I was born there.

Friday June 13th, Le Bain presents Lauren Flax and DJ Heather. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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