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(Twenty)Something Beautiful

Le Bain: 'Something Beautiful' explores the theme of youth and its ideals. If you had to write your ‘Editor’s Letter’ about the exhibition, what would it be?
CRUSHFANZINE: Pictures of You by The Cure.

How was curating ’Something Beautiful’ different than creating a magazine?
In the past we've done a few installations at envoy enterprises, but our show Something Beautiful is a longer and larger installation. When creating the show we had a unique opportunity to work within 3 dimensional space. Specifically, the Uptown space of Marianne Boesky is comprised of 3 floors with 5 separate rooms, thus we created one collective visual conversations with 5 individual visual dialogues.

What ideal of youth do you think everyone should hold onto?
Romance and heartbreak. One really does not have a choice in the matter.

Jeff Burton, Untitled #173 (cesare), 2003

Youth and its ideals are ubiquitous mythology in our life–thanks to marketing and mass medias. Looking at it from an artist's point of view, what would you say is the biggest lie of that mythology?
That things in life are somehow connected to a greater purpose. Perhaps they are just observable moments.

Art Basel in Miami Beach is coming soon. What’s your angle when you go there?
Basel is always a great starting point for news issues we are working on… Next year we will explore another medium, video and public art. Also, we will be working closely with one of our favorite contemporary artist on a series of objects and print media. While in Miami we will check out our favorites, such as Paul Kasmin's PK Shop, and of course see what Marianne Boesky and Metro Pictures are up to.

Something Beautiful, curated by CRUSHfanzine, is on view at the Marianne Boesky Gallery 118 East 64th Street, New York until December 20.

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