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Le Bain: Last time we chatted, you said the sound of Wolf + Lamb 'is that we have no set sound - just a feeling'. What is the feeling today?
Zev Le Wolf: Punk rock. Baby Prince, the talented half of Wolf + Lamb, plays bass and we've been laying in thick instrumentation in a lot of the work. Also we're getting ready to put out new record by The Waves & Us, a new project from old time label artist Maayan Nidam that’s based squarely in punk.

From the Marcy Hotel to the new clubs Verboten and Output, the Williamsburg nightlife scene has definitely 'grown up'. What's your feeling about it?
I’m never one for being pessimistic, these venues show that the scene has exploded, and that’s always good. The NY scene has been shapeshifting from the first dingy party in Dumbo I went to, to the epic parties at the Tunnel, to teeth-grinding nights at Twilo. It’s almost like there’s no right or wrong way for it to be, it just is what it is. It’s actually really cool to see people come up in the scene, party kids, turn into promoters, turn into club owners.

Could you share with us a '4th of July' memory from your childhood?
Sure, I grew up hasidic in Flatbush, July 4th was just another cool holiday that we couldn't partake in. I remember all these skimpy outfits the non-jewish girls would wear in the dead of summer. At least we could enjoy that. And the fireworks.

On Friday, July 4th, Le Bain celebrates Independence Day & Night with The Wolf (Wolf + Lamb), Ahmed Hashim & friends. Le Bain Rooftop and Club. The Standard, High Line.

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