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Tabula Rasa, Fashion Experiment

Saturday, September 12th, NYC-Copenhagen magazine Tabula Rasa, celebrates Fashion Week with Prince Language and gives a sneak peek of its second volume

LE BAIN: The first issue of Tabula Rasa introduced us to an ambitious challenge: covering Fashion with Ethic, as an independent magazine...
TABULA RASA: ​Tabula Rasa, meaning blank slate, directly reflected our inaugural issue with a white cover and having 18 photographers interpret the theme of "Identity" as we were introducing our own. Extending the concept of "blank slate," each subsequent volume will take on a new theme, which is reflected in the design, and roster of photographers. This allows us to challenge ourselves by developing new ideas, searching for and working with other artists, and constantly starting anew each time.

Photo by June Canedo for Tabula Rasa Volume II

Volume II is coming this fall. What can you say about it?
Volume II's theme "Fixation" was a natural progression from our previous theme ("Identity") since the things people fixate on can be revealing of their personality and innermost desires. Inspired by an individual's obsessions, we asked 12 photographers to address their personal fixations or the term itself. Stay tuned in late-October for our official release to see the interpretations!

If you had to pick one feature of the new issue to illustrate Tabula Rasa’s unique approach to Fashion, Photography, and Publishing...
All the features in this issue reflect our mission to let Tabula Rasa serve as a space for photographers to experiment. If we were to choose one as an example, we approached photographer Sean Vegezzi to shoot an editorial for us, still keeping to his aesthetic, even though it lies outside of the fashion world. For Vegezzi's contribution, he recreated the moments he would see the same girl over several years around the city. Vegezzi shot within off-limit areas of the New York subway, looking out at the model, Cleo, with a long-distance telephoto lenses. He places himself and Cleo in settings that are almost impossible to shoot if the timing isn't perfect. She's always seen from a distance so, within the story, you are able to distinguish her ​only ​through the clothes she's wearing. Vegezzi's ​approach demonstrates the seamless intersection of fashion, photography, and the weight of the printed image. ​

Photo by Sean Vegezzi for Tabula Rasa Volume II

What will be the highlights of your fashion week in New York?
Besides our fashion week party at Le Bain, we're looking forward to all the energy and creativity surrounding the new season.

What's the most exciting thing happening in fashion right now?
The influx of younger designers taking over fashion houses. The most recent examples include accessories designer Alessandro Michele for Gucci and Public School for DKNY.​ Also, the blurring of lines between genders is especially prevalent in fashion right now, seen in Acne's FW15 campaign, the rise of model Hari Nef, and artist Juliana Huxtable.

Photo by Daniel King for Tabula Rasa Volume II

And in photography?
Speaking directly to the genre of fashion photography, it's been interesting to see the shift ​back ​to realism (Miu Miu and Gucci FW15 campaigns). And, in the same regard, seeing houses have younger photographers shoot their campaigns like Harley Weir for Stella McCartney and Michal Pudelka for Valentino. ​We have also seen the pronounced attention to print and physical publications, to which Business of Fashion spoke about directly in a recent article. Since photographs are a lasting memory, we are excited when print continues to be championed and appreciated for its experience, the act of flipping a page versus an online or digital experience. ​

Photo by Renell Medrano for Tabula Rasa Volume II

Saturday, September 12th, Le Bain presents Tabula Rasa featuring Prince Language and friends. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

Header photo by Magdalena Siwicka for Tabula Rasa Volume II

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