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Let's Play House, Face to Face

LE BAIN: In what circumstances did you two meet?
EUG: We met a while back. We had a lot of mutual friends and I think we booked Jacques for a party here in SF. He showed up with a broken nose, and a Groucho Marx disguise. We’ve been close ever since.

JACQUES RENAULT: Perfect timing, right? You can’t explain these things, so I was recovering from surgery and, well, I’m not going to miss a gig because of a 'lil mishap!

Jacques Renault (photo by Mathias Cruz)

You both started your labels, Public Release for Eug and Let’s Play House for Jacques, in 2009. What's your vision with releasing dance music?
Eug: I don’t have a dance music “vision” for Public Release. I’m just into releasing interesting music from our gang of friends. Most of it has been quite rhythmic and appeals to dance floor use, but if I come across some amazing psych-folk artist for instance, I’d be more than happy to release that as well. I don’t want this label to be overly defined. Just as the label operates now, everything has happened through organic ideas, happenstance situations and drunk decision making.

Jacques: Let’s Play House has a similar story - since Nik and I had the events lined up, it was only natural to start the label with all the friends we had made over the years. Like every partnership, we don’t always agree on things with Nik, which makes Let’s Play House as unique as it is. I’m typically in the mindset of how I would fit something into my DJ set and, similar to Eug, I like to gather music from my friends and release their stuff. If we put out a record after hearing a distinctive demo by a producer we don't know, he becomes a new friend thanks to the internet.

Jacques Renault's latest release on Let's Play House Talk System

Jacques is about to release a record on Public Release, what can you both say about it?
Eug: Yes! Silver Machines is going to be a really special release. It’s a double 12” single with remixes by Force of Nature in Tokyo, and Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold out of London. Artwork is by Takeshi Murata, who rarely does any commercial work so I’m really happy that this amazing crew has come together for this.

Eugene, when will be your own music released on Let’s Play House?
Eug: I don’t make my own music yet, and I really don’t want to just dabble and be some sort of hobbyist. If I end up doing it, I’ll end up really trying to go for it. This is what I try to tell myself at least…

Jacques: Yeah, c’mon, Eug, when am I going to hear what you’re working on? Just kidding. I’m stoked on the release and how Eug curated the entire package, with the remixers and artwork. I think everyone will love it.

Jacques and Eug live from Le Bain!

You two also have been organizing parties for a while, Eugene with FACE in San Francisco and Jacques with Let's Play House in NYC. What would you say is your common ground in terms of throwing a party?
Eug: I think we both like to have a good time, and that comes through in our vibe, music and the regulars at our parties. When we first started FACE, there was a big divide amongst our friends that went to dives, and those who went to clubs. We wanted to bridge that. The mixture and variety of people has been really important to us.

Eugene what is the coolest thing to do in SF right now?
Eug: Grab some friends and head out of the city. The geography that surrounds SF is completely unique and amazing. In less than an hour, you can be amongst some pretty epic vistas and surroundings.

And Jacques, what about New York?
Jacques: NYC has always been my perfect place for summer - plenty of things going on with rooftops, BBQs, and celebrations - I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Friday, July 10th, Le Bain presents Let's Play House featuring Eug (Public Release, San Francisco) and Jacques Renault. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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