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Wolf Music Remembers House

London's acclaimed House label Wolf Music gives us a tour of its discothèque before they play in Le Bain's skyline, Friday, December 11th.
LE BAIN: Wolf Music started in 2009 when you got the opportunity to re-release the 80’s classic Dancing In Outer Space by Atmosfear. What can you tell us about this record? 
WOLF MUSIC: Dancing In Outer Space has long been a favorite of ours. It's got such class, and it still sounds incredible today. It's a Jazz-Funk anthem that after its release in 1979 went on to become a true underground classic. Embraced in the States and championed in such clubs as the legendary Paradise Garage, it is a record that most people will know when heard, but what many people probably don't realize is that Atmosfear was a British group. 
Atmosfear Dancing In Outer Space
What was your first introduction to it?
Via Masters At Work, and their remixes released on Disorient in 1997. MAW can do no wrong and their respectful but masterful remixes resulted in a 12" that is a must-have. The original track has THAT instantaneously recognizable hook, a funky as hell wobbly bass bridge, and a genuinely unique out-of-this-world sound; MAW kept these elements, but their beefing up of the percussion and added spoken word (allegedly by a friend of Kenny Dope, rather than a pro) just gave the track a little something extra in my opinion. All that aside, the original version of Dancing in Outer Space is still insanely good, and if you are looking for a better British Jazz-Funk record, there isn't one... Maybe Level 42 Starchild, but only maybe. 
Level 42 Starchild 
What was your approach when you re-issued such a classic?
We wanted to add a new angle to the track and had been listening to a lot of music by The Revenge, who has gone on to become a very well-known artist within our field. He did a fantastic job that six years on still sounds great. The package was rounded off by our friend Greymatter who re-edited the original, respectfully tweaking the track to bring out the best elements.

Could you pick the best Wolf Music record to get hooked to the Wolf sound? 
A good starting point would be WOLFEP008. The record was one of our earlier VA releases that featured Medlar, KRL, Greymatter and Chicago Damn and is one of the releases people still talk about and was what you could categorize as a breakthrough record for the label.
Medlar Terrell (WOLFEP008) 
Please pick the Wolf Music record that sounds like the future (or at least like 2016)? 
We're working with several new artists next year as we're constantly trying to bring new talent to people's attention. The first release of 2016 will be by Mr Fries. Earlier this year we played at the small, but perfectly formed Oma Doris club in Germany. One of the residents that night was a young DJ by the name of Mr Fries, who during the night handed us a CD of demos. We feel he's definitely going to be an artist to look out for next year.

We heard about a boat party last Summer in Croatia. What's was the standout track?
There's always one and this year it was the K.98 remix of Thrilogy Heaven. K.98 is a secret alias of one half of a certain Dutch duo who will remain nameless. The track was unreleased at the time, but there was a bit of a buzz around the record, with people requesting it prior to the party starting. Peak time banger, par excellence.
Thrilogy Heaven (K.98 remix)

What record will you pick to open your mix on ‘A Running Melody’?

As the mix concentrates on our influences, it will be split into two halves. The first half will be recorded by one of us who will open with BreakwaterNo Limit, an 80's funk record that within the first 10 seconds will give the listener a good idea of what the vibe will be like for the next 60 or so minutes. We'll leave it up to the listener to decide which one of us the mix is by.

Do you remember House? I remember House... Please complete with your own words! 
I remember House
When you had to leave the house to buy House
I remember house
When it wasn't vinyl only, limited press 
I remember House
When mixing was a thing
I remember House
When the DJ was king 

Friday, December 11th, Le Bain presents A Running Melody featuring Wolf Music (London), Alan and Andrew Blancato. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line. 

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