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Wake Up: Rissa Garcia

New York DJ Rissa Garcia shares her five favorite records of social awareness before she plays Le Bain on Friday, April 21st.
"The lyrics of the songs pretty much speak for themselves, so I’ll just include some of my favorite lines."
Stereo MCs' "Connected" 
“If you make sure you're connected,
the writings on the wall,
but if you’re minds neglected stumble,
you might fall.”
Coldcut's "People Hold On"
“Everybody's looking for a meaning, 
Everybody's doing their own thing, 
And nobody's solving the problem, 
Ain't nobody helping each other, 
Some people give into fear, 
Some people give into hunger, 
Some of us live for the future, 
And some of us wonder…
Give a little light, give a little love, 
Maybe there's enough for everyone, 
Give a little hope, and a little trust, 
Maybe there's enough for everyone.”

Round One's "I’m Your Brother"
“Rising sun, shine your light, 
on our dreams of each other, 
there's no need for us to fight, 
Sister and brother.”
Joe Smooth's "Promised Land"
“Brothers, Sisters,
One day we will be free,
From fighting, violence, 
People crying in the streets.”
Outside's "The Plan"
“It's just another day in this life.” 
On Friday, April 21st, Le Bain presents Dancing Room Only
featuring Charles Webster & Rissa Garcai
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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