Le Bain

The Wolf's Feeling Summer

The Wolf (Wolf+Lamb) delivers an exclusive summer mix before he returns to Le Bain on Friday, May 20th alongside Deniz Kurtel.
LE BAIN: Thanks for the great mix, we can feel the summer vibes! How would you describe your spirit for the summer to come?
THE WOLF: Honestly, after my beloved New York didn't feel the Bern—a little let down. I'm on tour in Europe at the moment, and springtime's just starting. The returning blossoms and birds are reminding me that it's all just a cycle, and they're renewing my spirit.
The Wolf's exclusive summer mix for Le Bain

What’s your favorite summer thing to do in Brooklyn? 
Sitting on a rooftop and shooting the shit. I've always liked that. In the last few years I've taken up meditation, and as soon as it's warm enough, I'm doing that on the roof in my undies. Outdoor parties are also a summer fave. It's a New York tradition that's going strong. The smell of that black tar baking in the sun...

And you favorite summer thing to do in Upstate New York?
I've been on a nature kick now that I'm growing up, and New York has some incredible nature really close to the city. People just joining us in NYC need to explore Upstate! 
The river of dreams at Dreamland Farm (Photo by The Wolf)
Could you tell us about what’s happening in Dreamland?
Dreamland is our farm community near Rhinebeck that's just kicking off this year. We're not actually planting any food this spring, but we're just preparing the infrastructure and renovating the place on the cheap. We're also looking for volunteers to help build this place. People can go to dreamland.farm for more info.

When you look at the skyline from Le Bain’s booth, what do you feel?
I always love pausing in middle of my set to enjoy the view. It gives me a sense of gratitude to the city and its crazy and beautiful people.

On Friday, May 20th, Le Bain presents
The Wolf (Wolf+Lamb) and Deniz Kurtel live
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line

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