Le Bain

A Night in Chicago

On Friday, June 10th, Le Bain celebrates Chicago house with two of its most talented artists: Robert Owens and Roy Davis Jr. Get ready with six of their all-time classics.
Robert Owens' "Bring Down the Walls"
(Trax Records, 1987)
The Believers' "Who Dares to Believe in Me" 
(Strictly Rhythm, 1993)
Robert Owens' "I'll Be Your Friend"
(Original Def Mix, RCA, 1991)
"Gabriel" by Roy Davis Jr. feat. Peven Everett 
(Live Garage Version, Large Records, 1996)
Robert Owens' "Was I Here Before"
(U-Star records, 1993)
Roy Davis Jr.'s "Rock Shock"
(Roulé, 1998)
On Friday, June 10th, Le Bain presents
Robert Owens & Roy Davis Jr. 
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line

(Header photo by Robert Owens)

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