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Summer in the City: Berlin by Milo McBride

NY-born, Berlin-based artist Milo McBride shares four of his favorite records to spend summer with before he returns to Le Bain with the Safer At Night gang on Friday, June 16th.

"Get It Up For Love" by Ned Doheny
This is an ideal sunny afternoon tune, preferably for a beach with friends and some fresh fruit. There are some fantastic lakes surrounding the city of Berlin that have naked sections called "FKK," a classic East German tradition. 

"Part of the joy of Berlin in the summer is relishing in it." –Milo McBride

"Ndolo embe mulema" by Eko Roosevelt
Pure love and joy embedded deep in this disco tune from Cameroon. My buddy Dede throws a party in Berlin called RISE that specializes in this vibe. Highly recommended, especially in the summer for their open airs!
"Taj Mahal"by Jorge Ben
There are a bunch of different versions of "Taj Mahal," but this one resonates with me the most. I love imaging Tropicalia Panorama Bar—brutal industrial architecture in contrast with lush summer heat. Anyway, I find the background vocals singing that descending melody uplifting as hell. It's an ear worm and usually stays with me for the rest of the day.  
"Un'Amicizia Vera" by Cico
Something about this stripped-down Italian jam makes me want to be in love, especially in the summer. Between each hit rests much anticipated space, kind of like "Benny and the Jets," but more somber. Part of the joy of Berlin in the summer is relishing in it and trying to not think about the looming Siberian winter. 
On Friday, June 16th, Le Bain presents Safer At Night
featuring Milo McBride, Cranks, & Jägerverb
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Milo McBride

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