Le Bain

Doom Dab's Summer Playlist

The NYC It Girl and Boy, HD and AHARAW of Doom Dab, share their Summer playlist before they hit Le Bain, Monday, July 18th.
Mobilegirl GGC 
"A shout out to the powerful women with a dance rhythm suited for the most epic of Manhattan walks."
Ynfynyt Scroll Todo Meu Amor
"Two of my favorite musicians–Ariana Grande & Ynfynyt Scroll–combined to make the most heavenly future Tarraxa"

Boyz Noise Dynamite (ft. Benga)
"This is my empowerment track, my pump up gym climax track"

Ahsh Eff Young Thug
"Ahsh Eff sounds like nobody in rap right now– this song is my hustle anthem."

Hot Sugar Marshmallow Weed (ft. Yuno)
"Brings me back to driving around in high school smoking parliaments, looking for something to fall in love with and hate."

MC Kauanzinho E MC Davi Toma Bala - Fica Locona 
"Fresh funk featuring young MC Kauanzinho dropping wildly age inappropriate (but fire) bars."
Monday, July 18th, Le Bain presents 69
feat. Aharaw + HD + YNFYNYT SCROLL
9pm. The Standard, High Line

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