Le Bain

Summer in the City: Chicago by DJ Heather

The Chicagoan house hero shares her favorite summer things to do in Chi-Town before she heads to Le Bain on Friday, June 2nd.
My annual excursion is the Chicago Architecture River Cruise. Still one of my fave ways to see the city that manages to never get old. Unique views from the river that can include a killer breeze. 
Street festivals, period. It's one of the great ways to enjoy music, art, and food of the Chi life within the varying diverse neighborhoods. West Fest is one of my favorites that manages to cover all bases within just three days. 

"In Chicago, summers are short, winters are long." –DJ Heather

Lake front bike rides. Nothing beats the heat like coasting on Lake Michigan. Miles of pathway, skyline optics, and it's free. 

Al fresco all the time. Summers are short, winters are long. Restaurants, bars with a patio, even one single chair outside are where it's at. New Yorkers know this. 

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