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When Bromance Goes "Virile"

We chat with The Blaze, the new mysterious duo signed by Parisian label Bromance, about their mesmerizing song and video "Virile." Stay tuned for some Bromance this summer at Le Bain.

LE BAIN: Your video is a perfect definition of what a bromance is. Was it your initial idea to make a direct reference to the label’s name?
THE BLAZE:  Initially, our video for "Virile" was done outside of Bromance. Then, their mastermind Manu Barron (who became our manager) and Louis Brodinski offered to include our project on their compilation Homieland Vol. 2 and we said yes. The video ended up symbolising what a bromance is pretty well. It's an ode to friendship between two men. 

The song, much like the video, is about the fine line between love and friendship. Do you think love and friendship are the same thing? 
These are two different things, but ideally, we should experience friendship the way we experience love. 

And where do you put sex in the equation? 
Sex can exist in both.

I understand you do not want to say too much about yourselves and just let your art speak. I read that you're two cousinsone is a musician, and the other is a filmmaker. What can you tell us about the two actors? 
Those two actors belong to The Blaze family. For us, this is something crucial that lets the magic happen. 

"Blazes spread quickly, don’t they?"

Another thing I love about the video is how beautiful you make the French suburbs look. I don't think you romanticize it. I think you just found the beauty in it.
We agree. We did not try to enhance reality. We showed things the way they really are and simply how they could be experienced.

Did you face any specific challenges when shooting the video?
The most challenging thing was filming the actors’ choreography. We really wanted to enhance the actors’ performance—when they're dancing, the camera dances too and follows their moves. The choreography was planned in advance and we rehearsed it for hours to make it look as natural as possible. 

What’s next for The Blaze? Where can we find other things by you? 
In 2015, we laid the foundations for The Blaze, and in 2016, it finally comes to life. Usually, blazes spread quickly, don’t they? We’re working on it, but you’ll hear from us soon. Very soon.

The Blaze's "Virileis featured on Bromance's compilation Homieland Vol. 2.

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