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Best of 2016: Luka Tacon

NY artist Luka Tacon shares four of his 2016 favorites before he returns to Le Bain with his crew on Friday, January 13th.
Anderson Paak's Malibu
"I listened to this album everyday for about two weeks while living in Costa Rica during January. Amazing talent, this guy! I was so happy to see him really blow up through the rest of the year."
Mall Grab in the Boiler Room Paris 
"I love this kid's productions; they're raw and fun. This mix is uptempo, fun, and just a great demonstration of what I love in dance music that I hope to see flourish in 2017."
Danny Lyon: Message to the Future 
(Whitney Museum)

"This show was a real pleasure. It was my first time seeing his work and it made a real impression. I strive to capture what he does in my own photos."

"Track 2, Cottam 2" by Cottam
"Such a jam! Amazing sample of these flavorful horns. Only came out on vinyl and I was lucky to grab a copy. Every time I've played it, it just absolutely kills!"

On Friday, January 13th, Le Bain presents Luka Tacon & Crew
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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