Le Bain

Endless Summer with Anoraak

Before he plays Le Bain for Nouveau York, Sunday, September 17th, French synthwave artist Anoraak tells us the stories behind three of his videos.
Anoraak "Figure'"
directed by Simon Savory (2017)

"In the first place, I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know the director, he came to me and walked me trough his concept. I liked the idea and had a good feeling about it, so I said yes and I don't regret it! Such a beautiful and meaningful work, and these dancers are incredible."
Anoraak "Behind Your Shades" (2014)
Directed by O.S.A.K.A.H (Samuel Kapersky & Thomas Delebecques)

"For this one, I'm really thankful to the two directors, who did an amazing job putting all this together with very little money. They managed to get a complete film crew, and the real challenge was having two different locations to shoot, Paris and Brooklyn."
Anoraak "Morning Lights"
 directed by Ben Chadourne (2013)

"I had this idea for a really long time, shooting a skater riding at night. Good friends of mine are in the skate/surf party, and got me this amazing skater, as well as a truly gifted cameraman/skater. It was all shot in one night, and it was really fun to do."

On Sunday, September 17th, Le Bain presents Nouveau York
featuring Anoraak (DJ set) and Hart 
9pm | The Standard, High Line

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