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Introducing The Standard Label, Our New Line of All-Day All-Night Loungewear.

From the airport lounge to the cocktail lounge and from the sheets to the streets; we are excited to announce the birth of Standard Label!

In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be great to go directly from your bed to a cocktail party without the prolonged period of various style decisions? Especially when it comes to hotel living, it’s all about enjoying maximum time under the sheets while also optimizing your time in the streets.

That’s why we launched Standard label, a line that allows you to go directly from the airport lounge to the cocktail lounge, from the sheets to the streets (we bet you have figured out the slogan by now!?) and beyond.

Designed in-house at The Standard, the line includes fun and consciously produced apparel (hoodies, slip dresses, swimwear, pajama sets) and other things (ash trays, lighters, bottle openers, rolling papers).

You want privacy? Let the world know it! Are you a sex positive being? We got you! You want your lemon squeezed? Don’t wait till tomorrow. Click here to see the full label and stay tuned for seasonal drops and upcoming designer collaborations (we can’t say names yet, but if you know anything about us, you know it'll be good!).

Visit for a good time! 


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