Interview: WeSC + Standard Filmmaker Cheryl Dunn

Today we present the 4th video commissioned by The Standard and WeSC for our travel inspired capsule collection. Each of the directors have been given only two guidelines -- shoot in one of our hotels, and showcase the new travel items. Here’s Cheryl Dunn with her interpretation at The Standard, New York... but first, here's a chat with the filmmaker/photographer extraordinaire.

(Cheryl Dunn. Photo by Todd Selby)

The Standard: You are a part of the arts project created for the WeSC x The Standard Collaboration. Could you tell us a bit how that came about?

Cheryl Dunn: I had been shooting campaigns for WeSC for the past years and was very integrated with their vibe. They asked me to be part of this series and I was very excited to be able to interpret the brand merging of WeSC and The Standard.

In your Standard film, describe the world you have created, and why?

I wanted to celebrate NYC musicians, and create playful music and a battle between the walls.

At what age did you first fall in love with filmmaking, and how did you experiment to get it out of your system?

I would say as a teenager, I just always made things. Any impulse I had I would see it through.

When you travel, what are the top 5 things that must be on your person?

I always bring all my Leicas, sunglasses, and a comfortable way to carry all the weight that I have to lug around -- computer, music.

Please share one director/film that changed your life? Why?

"A Poem is a Naked Person", a doc about Leon Russell. It was made in the early 70's... one of the best music docs ever made... it's so good that Leon won't let anyone view it.

What is your favorite unassuming corner of The Standard Hotel in your city?

The roof. The view is incredible.

How do you see the Superlative Conspiracy including you into the way it works?

They celebrate artists and athletes and support them in what they do, so I feel this project was of the same intent.

In 2011, what was the most impactful place you visited in this world? Why?

I just left Wuppertal, Germany, where I got to shoot the Pina Bausch Dance Troupe. She was one of my favorite artists across mediums.

What is the ultimate dream project you plan to shoot before you leave this earth?

My dreams change all the time. I know it would be documentary in nature.

Name your top 3 films that are set inside a hotel.

Casablanca, The State of Things (Wim Wenders), and The Shining.

What are you working on right now?

I'm finishing shooting my documentary "Everybody Street" about NYC street photographers.

NYC Dream Jam by Cheryl Dunn from The Standard Hotel on Vimeo.

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