LA Style Profile: Keyla Marquez

This summer, we set out to document LA style now by profiling some of the city’s most stylish people. In short, LA’s style game has evolved considerably since the heyday of bleached blondes, Botox, and big hair, and there’s now a richness and variety that spans the entire city. 

Next up: Keyla Marquez, a stylist and designer born and raised in LA. She's in her own lane with her "tomboy-chic-with-a-splash-of-tequila" style, and she tells us how it all comes together.


Fashion Stylist/Designer
How would you describe your style?
Tomboy chic with a splash of tequila.

Who are your style influences?
Mercutio from Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet meets Cher meets Selena Quintanilla-Pérez meets Karen O in a Spike Jonze movie.
Is there such a thing as LA style in your experience?
Absolutely. Aside from Tokyo, you can find some of the best vintage here in LA. I recommend shopping at Round Two.

Prized style item?
Miu Miu sparkly silver kitten heel sandals, this beautiful Prada shirt I got for my birthday last year, and all my Come Tees shirts.

How does LA inform your style?
It doesn’t inform me. It is me, and I am it. I grew up in LA. The music, the vibe, the magic—it’s in my blood.

How has your style evolved over time?
Comfort and confidence. I used to worry so much, now I don’t care as much. I look great in everything I wear. It’s all about being comfortable and confident and you're good. But low-key, I am back to being the tomboy I was in 8th grade: Vans and cool, long-sleeved tees is my go-to. Once in a while I get fashion, because why not!

What was a style choice you regretted?
A bowl cut. I blame Karen O. I was 23.

How is your style an extension of your personality?
I dress how I feel. I am very emotional about everything. Did I listen to The Strokes or Thalia in the morning? By that I mean either I'll wear Vans or red patent leather shoes with red lipstick and a short dress. It’s all about attitude.

#1 item on your wish list?
Miu Miu everything. Alexander Wang black checkered trousers in stores right now. Someone buy them for me, porfis? K love you, bye.

Style pet peeve?
Wedge sneakers and V necks! Like, WHY?!

Most insane on-set shenanigans?
Meeting Brad Pitt backstage at a Frank Ocean show and taking selfies per his request. He is very handsome and tall and one day I’m going to direct a movie with him in it. 

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