Style Profile: Lisa Says Gah’s Lisa Bühler

Say the words "Lisa Says Gah" around NYC and LA cool girls and they'll say, "Gah!" 

Lisa Says Gah is a popular San Francisco-based clothing brand created by Lisa Bühler, and everything the site sells is so lovely that it leaves everyone at a loss for words. In starting the company, her goal was to create a community around independent designers, and she created a community indeed. A large portion of it flocked to The Standard, East Village recently for a panel and the brand's first-ever NYC pop-up shop.

We chatted with Lisa to learn about the person behind the sought-after brand. 
THE STANDARD: What’s your story?
LISA BÜHLER: I started my career in fashion working in sales, then moved into buying and also had a lookbook business on the side. I moved from LA to San Francisco for my husband after working in fast fashion, and it was really San Francisco and its sort of lack of a fashion scene that became the impetus to launch something more small-scale with a focus on independent designers.
What's your favorite thing to wear?
Right now, dresses. I was deciding between three dresses this morning, and they all looked identical. In the current collection, we have a lot of midi dresses with puffy sleeves and prints, classic silhouettes with a little more going on.
How has your style changed over time?
I think it's always been a little timeless and classic. A little artsy with the sprinkle of the latest trend. Now I know what suits me better, so I hone in on those key silhouettes that I think look best on my…long…body. [Laughs.]
Who are your style inspirations?
I think all of the people we feature on our blog and Instagram, as well as our designers. They all have great personal style.
What is your most-prized clothing item?
This dress I’m wearing is really important to me because it's by Penny Sage. I went to New Zealand last year and met Kate, the designer, and it was cool to see all the work that goes into it. I always feel like it's a special piece to put on knowing the history.
Do you have any style regrets from your past?
Oh, sure. [Laughs.] Remember the Lita?
They're these giant platform shoes. I'm already six feet tall, so I think I look a little ridiculous in six-inch heels. But you know, I tried it out, took the risk, didn't care. Now I just want to be comfortable. I think I was in pain for a lot of style choices when I was younger.
What styles do you think are coming back?
With vintage being such an important thing right now, I think those silhouettes from the past are just being reworked. We're always referencing the past and trying to update it, and a lot of that is through material and sustainability. I look to the 1920s through the ’90s. There are little bits from each decade.
What do you think makes Lisa Says Gah so popular?
I think the assortment, and the authenticity of it—how it’s real but also inspiring. Also how it's presented. We work with "nodels," aka not models. A lot of the things we became known for are things we had to do to get started, and that became the brand in itself.
What do you see for the future of your company?
We're really focused on building our brand because we can really control it. Being affordable, yet sustainable is a really important goal going forward, as well as finding exciting new brands. Keeping it small is key.


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