Stan D'Arde

Fashion Week X: The Deluge

Today marks the beginning of my 10th fashion season at The Standard, High Line. Yes. You read that correctly. Five Years. Ten Seasons. Seventy days of non-stop fashion. It's enough to make even the strongest of men fall to their knees with the pressures of it all. But not me. In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength, but through perseverance. That's a quote by H. Jackson Brown. In this case, I am the river and fashion is my eternal stone. What the hell am I talking about?! Let's just dive in.

The Shows
Once again, we have more fashion than you can handle. With our partners over at MILK MADE, we're showing an incredible lineup in our third floor High Line Room including collections by Alejandro Ingelmo, Houghton, Prism, Telfar, Titania Inglis, Nellie Partow, Azede Jean Pierre and Mordekai. I hope you've received your invites already because I can't send you one.

If you can't be in New York City, or if you are and not part of the style army marching through the streets of Manhattan, you can always stay abreast of everything going on in our world through our many media outlets. We've got you covered with our Tumblr, our Instagram and our Twitter and our Facebook. We even have a Snapchat (find us on standardhotel) for quick snippets from backstage and beyond.

The Parties
I know what you're thinking. What about the parties??? There will be a few, but just like with the shows, I can't invite you. You'll have to use your own creative devices to get through the velvet ropes. But in case you don't, check back here for coverage on everything you've missed. Or just follow me on Twitter.

See you front row, Friends!



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