Fancy Footwork: Sabah in Residence

Sabah is popping up for a residence at The Standard Spa—here's how their team kicks off their shoes and unwinds in Miami Beach.


The Sabah team likes to rise early and do the 7:30 a.m. yoga class at The Standard Spa. Then we slide into a pair of Condesa Pink babas and head to the back dock and jump in the bay. This time of year, it’s our version of a cold plunge. Then we order coffee and play a little game of backgammon by the pool before we open up the Sabah shop!

For breakfast or lunch we head to ALL DAY bakery in downtown Miami. They have the best sandwiches and coffee. We love sitting outside and people watching. We met our friend, Nina Johnson, just three years ago at her gallery in Little Haiti. Since that first visit, we can attest to her determined passion for the art world and her dedication to finding and promoting new talent. This is where we spend our afternoons!

We get creativity flowing after a good steam and Turkish Scrub at the Spa ;)


Around 6 p.m. we love having a cocktail at Monterrey Bar at The Standard before we head out to dinner to our new favorite tapas spot in Española Way, Tropezón. They have a good gin + tonic and their boquenoes are delicious.  We now frequent Miami Sound Bar for a night cap and to listen to some tunes. Our Friend Katrina (Lagrimas De Oro) spins vinyl there on Wednesday! 


For those unfamiliar with Sabah, we began our journey ten years ago in New York City, in a ground-floor apartment in the East Village, which we affectionately referred to as Sabah House East Village. Today, we invite you to visit our Sabah outpost at the Standard Miami Beach, where we welcome you with morning cafecitos, afternoon rosé, all-day vintage Latin tunes and a selection of Sabahs, Babas, and Market Goods.

The next time you hit The Spa, drop by the pop-up


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