Annie O Presents: Lord Youth

Annie O’s live music series in the Penthouse of The Standard, East Village is a smart bet any time of year, but in summer it’s a must. We can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be on an early summer evening than up on the rooftop, drink in hand, listening to the live sounds curated by our East Village music maven. The vibes are very real and you should come experience them for yourself. 

 On Tuesday, June 27, Annie O’s bringing NY-based trio Lord Youth to the Penthouse alongside Jake McMullen. Headed by Micah Blaichman, the band just released a new self-titled EP that could be characterized as dreamy, spacey, and feel-good (though they would call it sad). Annie O caught up with Blaichman before the band takes the stage to learn more about how the EP came together.
Annie O Presents: Lord Youth
Tuesday, June 27, 7-9PM
The Standard, East Village Penthouse
Free with an RSVP to

ANNIE O: Tell us about your new self-titled EP.
MICAH BLAICHMAN [LORD YOUTH]: I wrote and recorded the EP in Berlin where I used to live. I worked on it for over two years before I put it out. 

Where are you based now?  
Queens, NY.
How was it working with Danish producer Anders Christophersen? How did that relationship begin? 
Anders and I are old friends. We met working on the album for another band that I was playing in called Ommie Wise. He moved to Berlin a few years later.
Tell us about the recording process.
We recorded the record in a studio that I built with Anders in the spring of 2014. He used to have a studio in an old attic in Copenhagen. The city decided to tear down the building (which was built in 1864) to build a school. Anders decided to relocate to Berlin. He found an old blacksmith’s shop in the Templehof neighborhood. One day, all of his gear and tons of repurposed wood and building material, which he had ripped out of the old building, showed up in a giant truck. We spent the next two months frantically building the studio. And when we were done, we started recording.
Tell us about the inspiration for the EP's sound. What were your influences and was there some things in particular you were trying to achieve?
The EP’s sound was based a lot on circumstance. We mostly recorded just the two of us, so we did a lot of layering. Anders found an Optigan organ online and we fell in love with the sound, so that’s all over the record. 
The best part about playing in a trio?
Three is just an easier number than four. I used to be in a band with four people and it was harder to get everyone moving logistically.
Favorite tour memory?
The first tour I ever went on was with my first band. We were called the Cowboy Killers and we played old, traditional folk music. We spent one month in Europe living in a 1970s Mercedes Benz refrigerator van and busking on the street. It was the most fun that I have ever had playing music live.
Are there any tracks you currently have on repeat?
I have been listening to Floating Action’s first record over and over again.
Do you have touring plans this summer?
I am releasing my first full-length record in the fall, so I am going over to Europe to do some shows.
What can we expect from your show at The Annie O Music Series?
Judy Garland, I think, said: “Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, go home.” Right?

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