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Stan's D'aily Designer Interview with Waris + Exclusive Ben Watts Video

You may have seen the Boo capsule collection by House of Waris premier this week. It's for sale at The Standard Shop NYC. We also hosted the launch party at The Standard, New York (see all the fun pics here) AND to put the polish on the gold, we have an exclusive video by fashion photographer, Ben Watts, made as part of the "You're My Boo" video series which includes Waris' friends, Mathew Frost, Brett Sabler, Hailey Gates, John Forte, and Mick Rock, each debuting their "Boo" videos on various sites like, Purple Mag, and MTV leading up to Valentine's Day.

Before you watch ours below, Waris answered our Stan's D'aily designer questionnaire...

After fashion week I'm going to …

A secret tropical location. No you can’t come with me.

British Vogue or French Vogue?

Neither? Italian Vogue darling. I am forever a Franca fan.

Most important accessory for a man?


Epitome of luxury for a woman?

Cashmere and diamonds of course.

Designing for The Duchess of Cambridge would be…

A ball.

Downton Abbey or Real Housewives?

Downton. No question. Where’s my valet?

Leather makes me feel …


The last thing that made me gasp

Never you mind.

The Standard is literally, like…

Good times, like fun, you know, like NBD – the most fun ever.

So over…

Social media. By the way, we joined the 21st century last week. We’re on Twitter @houseofwaris

So into…

Ornithology. I love my bird watching.

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