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Standard Sounds: H3F Takes Hua Hin

Standard Sounds has taken Hua Hin on a sonic journey—and our next edition on March 9 presents the band H3F. This fierce foursome features Gong Thepvipat on guitar and vocals, Ping Arakarn on guitar, Mhom Thanabatr on bass and Max Thakorn on drums. Their 2018 debut EP Cheesy Lyrics, Sloppy Groove was a Thai hit and their latest (third) album Chalawan Sound dropped in August 2023.


Their sound combines 70s rock, psychedelic shoegaze and soul with their own twist. We caught up with the band to talk music and their favorite ways to kick back in Hua Hin.


Tell us about your new album Chalawan Sound! How did you develop your signature style?

Chalawan Sound is not inspired by Thai folklore, like the name sounds. We were heading into a more retro approach more to a 60s and 70s style of music. We joked around about a name that would fit the aesthetic of the album so “Chalawan” became serious after a few jokes. It kinda reminded us of a Quentin Tarantino movie and a Thai funk album vibe in the 70s—so we stuck with the name.

You released your first EP in 2018. What’s been the biggest highlight of the last six years?

We’ve had so many great highlights throughout the six-year span of time we’ve been gigging. The highlight would have to be getting to travel the world stop by stop and connecting with more people through our music with a bunch of great friends, families and team members! 

When did you know you wanted to become musicians?

High school was the start of it all in our mind. It got more serious when during our third year in university.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals to get you in the zone? 

Usually no, we might crack a few cold ones to ease it out but normally we are ready to go anytime! Except maybe at 6 in the morning, lol.

You can only choose one: Pool or beach?

Both? We’ll have to say pool beside the beach. Our bodies stay in the pool but we can soak up nature beside the beach. We love nature, but we’re really scared of what Mother Nature could do—so let’s meet halfway!

Describe the perfect day in Hua Hin.

The perfect day in Hua Hin would have to be a slow day. We don’t wanna get up too early so let’s say we take it slow, grab some coffee, walk down the beach late afternoon. We’d sit under a tree by the beach and just slowly breathe and hear ourselves think, and spend times with the ones we love.


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