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Playing the Numbers with Erin Garcia

Visual artist Erin Garcia loves music and mathematical compositions, which you can see in his work from earlier this year for the 6th Street Mural. He's just finished an installation at The Standard, Hollywood titled 2-8-6, made up of 2 repetitions of 8 elements in 6 colors. We asked Erin to crunch the numbers, and explain how he makes art, "count".

1) The installation is made up of 5 different pieces:

13 repetitions of 6 elements in white latex on glass
4 repetitions of 5 colors using paper and tape
4 acrylic on panel paintings using 4 repetitions of 5 colors in 6 elements
8 elements in 6 colors on vinyl
2 repetitions of 8 elements in 6 colors also on vinyl

2) Combined, these 5 pieces explore my favorite ideas at the moment: repetition, cycles of color, rule sets, defining elements, spatial relationships, and intuitive compositions.

1) Shade

2) My house

3) The beach

4) Swimming pools

5) That taco stand by the carwash

6) The Taiwanese spot in Temple City

7) Walking

8) The Shade Sheist (feat. Nate Dogg) video that uses that Toto sample

1) That Rihanna joint that sounds like a dancehall tune, not "Man Down", or that other one, but the newer jam.

2) The last song on the new Little Dragon record, the half time joint with the ill chorus.

3) That French Montana tune from Coke Boys 4, I think it's after that one song that has Diddy and Rick Ross on it. This one has a Jadakiss feature where he says, "Made a homemade speaker out of a Pringles can" and "Real subtle and great poise."

4) The Bernie Mac skit on that Kanye record. "Where's your little book bag at?"

5) That one tune on the last Pusha-T record, it might of been his 2nd single, not Millions but that other one. "Your planes missing a chef…88 Jordan leaping from the free-throw".

6) "When she's done being young / she'll dress like you". That Andre / Rick Ross joint - you know, the one where Andre sings some wild hook then plays a guitar solo in the same cadence. It's produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League.

Erin Garcia's installation, 2-8-6: 2 Repetitions of 8 Elements in 6 Colors for The Box and Lobby at The Standard, Hollywood will be on display through early August 2014. Follow Erin on Instagram: @erindgarcia.

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