LA Style Profile: Mark Phillips + Martin Anguiano of Spellbound Sky

When some people think of LA style, they probably still picture bleached blondes, Botox, big hair, and bad outfits. But like most things in LA these days, times have changed, and there’s a richness and variety depending on where you look. We caught up with a cross-section of LA’s most stylish people from Topanga to Silver Lake to Koreatown to discuss what style means to LA today.

Next up: Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano, the owners and creators of Spellbound Sky in Silver Lake, the hippest spiritual shop in LA. 
They left careers in fashion to pursue their passion for esoteric tools: namely high quality crystals, ritual candles, and essential oils, the items for which Spellbound Sky has become known. The shop's mystical aesthetic perfectly reflects their "man witch" style.


Owners and Creators of Spellbound Sky in Silverlake
THE STANDARD: How would you describe your style?
MARK PHILLIPS AND MARTIN ANGUIANO: More-is-more, street, ceremonial man witches.

Who are your style influences?
Elvira in Comme des Garcons meets Liberace in Rick Owens.

Is there such a thing as LA style?
We love the “anything goes” vibe and mixing it up—high with low, casual with dressy, quiet with loud.

Prized style item?
For Martin, high heeled boots. For Mark, oversized crystal necklaces.

How does LA inform your style?
We are inspired by the magical energy of this city. It's a place where dream chasers and nature lovers unite.
How has your style evolved over time?
The older we get, the less fucks we give about what other people think two guys our age should look like.

What is a style choice of yours that you now regret?
No regrets ever. We have always had a blast on all of our crazy, over-the-top fashion adventures throughout the years.
How is your style an extension of your personality?
We feel like dressing up every day puts us in alignment with our highest purpose: to inspire everyone to manifest their own reality and live a life of unlimited possibilities!

What’s your favorite thing to wear?
All black everything, a shitload of accessories, and a fearless attitude.
What’s your process for deciding what to wear?
We like to have fun and feel empowered by our fashion choices. If you want big things to happen in your life, you've got to dress the part. Self-expression is all about giving a voice to your inner magic. 


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