LA Style Profile: Carly Jo Morgan

When some people think of LA style, they probably still picture bleached blondes, Botox, big hair, and bad outfits. But like most things in LA these days, times have changed, and there’s a richness and variety depending on where you look. We caught up with a cross-section of LA’s most stylish people from Topanga to Silver Lake to Koreatown to discuss what style means to LA today. First up is furniture designer Carly Jo Morgan, whose sartorial style is somehow of-a-piece with her work in a way that's difficult to pinpoint, but instantly recognizable. 


Artist + Furniture Designer
THE STANDARD: How would you describe your style?
CARLY JO MORGAN: Colorful and barefoot.

Who are your style influences?
David Bowie and the women of Advanced Style.
Is there such a thing as LA style?
I do see a lot of workout clothing and shirts that say “Spiritual Gangster."

Prized style item?
My handmade embroidered dress by Elena Stonaker, or my high-waisted rainbow pants from Mara Hoffman.

How does LA inform your style?
I love how casual it is compared to New York, where I used to live. I feel like I’m playing dress up if I have to wear heels.

How has your style evolved over time?
Everything in life evolves, but I do still have jumpsuits and jeans from high school.

What is style choice of yours that you now regret?
People remember me as goth when I was in high school, but that was just me trying to cover my gray hair at such a young age with drugstore hair dye.
How is your style an extension of your personality?
I like to think of my style as humorous and friendly. I hope people say the same about my personality!

What’s your favorite thing to wear?
Things made by my friends.


What’s your process for deciding what to wear?
I sort of wear a uniform for a week at a time so I don’t have to think too hard. I rotate between a few uniforms until they wear out.

How does your personal style, in terms of fashion relate, to your interior industrial/furniture design practice?
The furniture I make is all black and my clothing is usually rainbow colored, but both might be described as whimsical.

What do you love about designing furniture?
I like to create functional sculptures and surrealist environments.

Which materials do you find most inspiring?
Right now, I am making terrazzo furniture out of marble and cement, which I love because it feels indestructible. It can be rained on. It’s not going to fall apart like everything that is mass-produced, and my daughter can climb all over it.

From where do you draw inspiration?
Javier Senosiain and Pedro Friedeberg.


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