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Sketched Out: The Looks of On Top

NY artist and "sketch journalist", A.E. Kieren, was embedded at Susanne Bartsch's Tuesday extravaganzas at Le Bain all summer. Check out the looks he captured accompanied by his on-the-ground insights.
"Amidst this high-tech living, 24/7 photo craze, and social media, I loved the idea of bringing an old school medium to my On Top party. It's refreshing that Anthony captures looks with a paintbrush instead of a camera. I love seeing him with his easel, his paintbrushes, and his enthusiasm as he captures his subjects—not to mention, the excitement of his models as they pose for him. When I met Anthony, I loved his work and how he really captures the mood and THE ATTITUDE, not just the style of a look." 
[from left to right]


Chad Harris 
"I love androgynous stylemostly boy, with a detail like some major jewelry or a Cuban heel. I always think that looks amazing. I'm also a sucker for a wide-brimmed hat."

Lady Havokk 
"Obviously I have to draw any queen that's going to pile on this much fabric during the dog days of summer. Havokk made this dress herself and I told her that it's so well made and specific that she could have income 'til the end of her days from renting it to people."

"We get a lot of glitter beards at On Top. And yet, we do not get enough." 
[from left to right]

Laurel Charleston 
"I was so into the volume, drapery, and cranberry color of Laurel's top here."

Jazzmint Dash 
"Whether she meant to or not, this look reminded me of Milla Jovovich's iconic character in The Fifth Element, and that's a reference I want to draw any time."
"When I approached Reverso and said I loved her style and wanted to draw her look, she asked me how much I was going to pay HER to model for me. I had to reassure her that I'm a pro. I get paid to draw, not the other way around. The results will be quality."

"I look for outrageous club kid and drag queen fashion to draw at "On Top", but we also see a lot of great, classic style." –A. E. Kieren

[from left to right]
"I look for outrageous club kid and drag queen fashion to draw at "On Top", but we also see a lot of great, classic style coming through that party, so I try to capture some of that as well. Also, sometimes I will just ask to draw a boy that I think is cute as an excuse to talk to him. And while Tarek is a sharp-dresser, this would be one of those times."

"The world needs more lace bodysuits."
WaveyBelle + Charlotte 
"These two come to the party almost every week in coordinated looks. I get asked all the time to draw people together and I usually declinet's just not the format of how I present these fashion illustrations, and usually it doesn't look as good as people think it will. For Wavey Belle + Charlotte I made an exception because the looks were part of a coordinated effort and I saw this outfit as a Spice Girls reference that I didn't want to let go by."
[from left to right]
"The incomparable Susanne Bartsch! Always iconic."

Ryan Burke 
"I've drawn several of Ryan's looks now. Ryan hosts "On Top" regularly and he wears something incredibly ornate every time. Ryan told me a lot of his looks take five hours or more in the makeup chair. He's a delight to draw because I don't feel like I'm drawing a human face anymore, I'm drawing a deconstruction of shapes." 

A.E. Kieren | Instagram

On Top, every Tuesday of the summer
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