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Juan MacLean's Ultimate Favorites

The DFA artist shares his favorite things EVER before he rocks Le Bain on the last Saturday night of 2017, December 30th.

Favorite Book: The Stranger by Camus
"I have been an obsessive reader most of my life, and I have a B.A. in English, which has served me well for playing Scrabble. It’s hard to narrow favorite down to one book, but one of my favorites is The Stranger by Camus. Incidentally it’s also what the Cure song "Killing An Arab" is purported to be about. I was a pretty dark, brooking, existentially-challenged kid, and this book helped to push me much further over the edge, for better or worse. Probably for worse."
Favorite Album: Ege Bamyasi by Can
"Ege Bamyasi by Can is probably my most played album of all time. I got this LP when I was in high school, and as a teenager it sounded so outside of anything I had a previous reference for that it really challenged my ideas about music. It’s a hallmark DFA influence in general. I can hear it in many LCD Soundsystem songs."
Favorite New Artist: Perel (DFA records)
"Not exactly new, but new DFA signing Perel is a current favorite. Her album has just been released on DFA and I love it! I often play her tracks in my DJ sets. They are fun and dark at the same time, lots of arpeggiators…..sometimes it reminds me of some of my early tracks."
Favorite Party Track: "Controversy" by Prince (Cratebug edit) 
"There’s this guy in Chicago called Cratebug who does fantastic edits. They are really pretty unique and he has his own sound and vibe, which is hard to do in the edit world. His edit of ‘Controversy’ by Prince has long been a go-to party starter for me; it’s one of those tracks it’s hard to go wrong with."

Favorite Chill Out Record: Music For Airports by Brian Eno
"When I’m relaxing or trying to sleep at night I like to put on Music For Airports by Brian Eno. It is the album that probably invented what we now know as ‘ambient music,’ or even New Age. I consider the most emotionally stirring piece of music I have ever heard, and it’s all very quiet and subtle."
Favorite Movie: Blade Runner by Ridley Scott
"I have long maintained that the original Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time. When I was a kid I was a massive Phillip K. Dick fan, so Blade Runner was very important to me. I love atmospheric movies, and Blade Runner pretty much subjugates plot in favor of mood and atmosphere. Everything about it is exemplary: the score, the cinematography, the set design, and the casting."
Favorite DJ Mix: Mr. G's Boiler Room Set
"Actually it’s not a DJ mix, it’s more a live performance, but Mr. G’s Boiler Room set is one of my favorite extended mixes of music of all time. It is deceptively simple. Ostensibly it’s a bunch of loops coming out of an MPC. But his presentation, dancing, and brilliant programming are unparalleled."
On Saturday, December 30th, Le Bain presents Juan MacLean
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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