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Egyptian Lover, Party like it's 1984

Get your Freak on! On May 17th, electro and hip hop pioneer Greg Broussard, a.k.a. The Egyptian Lover, performs in Le Bain's skyline and the beat goes boom. We chat with Los Angeles' Pharaoh.
LE BAIN: You once said two of your raison d'être are King Tut of Egypt and the Hollywood actor Rudolph Valentino. What happens when the two meet?

EGYPTIAN LOVER: You get a young King everyone admires and a Lover that women adore. 

One night, Egyptian Lover danced with Prince. 

It was a special night as my song 'Freak-A-Holic' was out and very popular at the time. Prince came downstairs from the VIP and walked right towards me, stood next to me and did the same dances I was doing. He never said a word just looked at me and nodded his head in approval. I don’t know if he knew I was a huge fan but I guess everyone was in 1986. 

Another main inspiration of yours is the music of Kraftwerk. Do you remember when you got that Telephone Call?

I don’t recall, I’m getting old.

"I recorded 1984. I had so much fun, I recorded 1985. And now I'm recording 1986."

You're born and raised in LA and started your career DJing at a club called Radio. 

Radio was a small spot full of culture. Breaking, popping, rapping, mixing, scratching, graffiti and pretty girls. That was a great club in the early 80’s. 

That was the time Roland released its drum machine TR-808...

Africa Islam [another hip hop pioneer, who produced 4 gold albums for Ice-T] told me about the 808 and where to buy one. We went to the Guitar Center the next day and I had the store clerk program a beat so I could see how he did it and then I programmed 'Planet Rock' [by Afrika bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force] and extra beats. The store was rockin’ as it already sounded like a new record. I bought it and the rest is history.

After the success of 'Freak-A-Holic', you bought your first car, a Mercedes Benz, without having a driving license. 

All I had was a California I.D. and drove off in a brand new 1986 190E. Black on Black. 

Egyptian Lover 'Beyond The Galaxy'
Tell us about Los Angeles in 1984. 

1984 in L.A. was incredible. The radio playing my songs every hour, The Olympics, parties, performing, recording in the studio, Purple Rain was released. It was the best year for me. 'Egypt Egypt' was #1 on almost all the charts. 

But you waited 2015 to record your album '1984'. 

The idea behind '1984' was to record it with the same equipment and in the same studios as I did in the year 1984 when I recorded 'On the Nile'. This album means a lot to me as it was always a dream come true to make a 100% uptempo Electro album. I had so much fun, I recorded 1985. And now I’m recording 1986! Life is good. With the help of Brian Ellis on Keyboards I can make all my dreams come true. I now have a new keyboard player who loves bass lines and funk. David Zylberman from Paris, France. These two guys have really good ears and help me out a lot. 

What’s coming up in Egypt, Egypt, 2019?
Concerts, music videos and working on '1986'. I hope to see all my fans all around the world. Come hear the 808 live and enjoy your Life! 

On Friday, May 17th, Le Bain presents Egyptian Lover
Dan Wender & Blacky II (Rinsed)
10pm | The Standard, High Line

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