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Benji B Goes For It

The BBC Radio 1 presenter and one of UK's most respected DJs is also a Kanye West collaborator and Louis Vuitton's Music Director. We asked Benji B. 4 questions before he plays Le Bain on Friday, April 26th.
LE BAIN: You’re a born and bred Londoner. What’s your own definition of being a Londoner in 2019?

BENJI B: To be a London citizen is to be a citizen of the World. London and New York are sister cities in that respect. Living in London makes me feel in touch with all cultures from all continents. 

You got your career start when you were 16, working on Gilles Peterson’s Kiss FM show. Looking back at that first professional experience, what was the most important lesson you learned?

To go for it. Throw yourself into whatever you do, and don't look back. 

"Sometimes when the flow is right the records pick themselves."

You just told the Financial Times that “presenting music in a meaningful way is something that I’ve dedicated my life to.” It might sound obvious on the radio but how do you translate that angle in the DJ booth? 

Exactly the same concept – finding a way to flow where the records make musical sense after one another – especially when weaving a story through different genres of dance music. Sometimes when the flow is right the records pick themselves. 

The Standard is about to open its first international location in London this Summer and will provide a recording studio and a record press. What do you think London needs in terms of music right now? 

Can't wait to check it out. London needs social experiments that welcome everyone from all backgrounds to come and exchange music – that's always what has created the best musical movements worldwide. 

On Friday, April 26th, Le Bain presents Benji B
with Khalil and Snips
10pm | The Standard, High Line

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