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In and Out of The Box with Tofer Chin

We're delighted to announce that LA born and based artist Tofer Chin is taking his turn at The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. Tofer has been creating large public installations in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo over the last few years and recently completed his first New York solo show ("Totally") at Lu Magnus. He's also published two amazing books of his photography, the best-selling Finger Bang and Vacation Standards, essentials for any collector. Tofer's installation at The Standard, which encompasses both The Box and the Lobby, is a fascinating mix of mathematical precision and vibrant street inspirations. We asked Tofer to sit down and discuss his work, his travels, and the best Dim Sum in LA.

Photo by Hassan Rahim

Standard: Tells us about your inspiration for your piece in The Vitrine.

Tofer Chin: For this project, I am combining my practice of painting, photography and sculpture while introducing a live performance element signature to The Standard, Hollywood. Culling from my visual inventory of patterns observed in the urban landscape, the photographic image exhibited is Los Angeles as seen through the windshield of a car. An alternative approach in my investigation of the keyhole perspective, my large format photograph is framed in a life size display case and set back by a few feet from a glass cover. The face of the glass is covered with black dots to simulate the effect of looking through the dot matrix on the windshield. The black dots create an optical illusion, similar to Pointillism. From a distance, the viewer will see the landscape image as a whole. When viewing the work closer, the pixelation and the distance between the glass and the photograph will warp the viewing of the image. My Stalagmite sculptures will be on display through out the lobby inviting the viewer to interact with the organic geometric forms and ponder one's perspective.

How do you feel about your art sharing space with a live model?

Sharing space with a live model feels natural for this installation. Living in a city where everyone drives, interaction with people is few and far between. We see and pass one another only getting a glimpse, if that, of the individuals that make up this unique city. The model in my installation will be a representation of the people we pass daily.

What inspires you?

Architecture, texture, patterns and culinary delights found through traveling and experimenting.

What’s the best adventure you’ve ever had in your career as an artist?

The best adventure I've ever been on has been in Brazil where I lived and worked with artists and musicians from around the world. In Sao Paulo I had my first book signing, my first museum installation, my first permanent public installation and produced my largest outdoor mural to date. In Rio de Janeiro, I produced my first outdoor sculptural installation surrounding a lagoon nestled at the foot of Corcovado with the Christ the Redeemer statue perched on top. Brazil's architecture, landscape, and way of life has affected and inspired my work more than any other city I've been to. Eu amo o Brasil.

Describe your perfect day in Los Angeles. Where would you go? Eat?

In-N-Out for Burgers, Roscoes for Chicken and Waffles, Yamadaya for Ramen, Empress Pavilion for Dim Sum, L&E for Oysters, Angelini Osteria for Italian, Ruen Pair for Thai, Tacos Al Pastor for Tacos, Ye Rustic for Wings and Animal for Foie Gras (please bring it back!)

What’s up next for you?

I will be showing in Miami at UNTITLED December 5th - 9th during Art Basel with my New York gallery Lu Magnus.

Art and Council and The Standard, Hollywood are throwing a reception celebrating Tofer's installation on November 15th from 8pm-10pm in the Lobby of The Standard. For more on Tofer Chin, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and on his super dope Instagram feed.

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