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Hello Sailor, I Love You

LE BAIN: Your label’s name ‘Hello Sailor’ is a good hook. What’s your interpretation of ‘Hello Sailor', beyond its sexual and camp meaning?
RENATA DO VALLE: I'm fascinated by language, people, and different cultures. I moved from Brazil to NYC 6 years ago and I honestly wasn't familiarized with the sexual proposition of "Hello, Sailor." I thought it sounded pleasant and suited my life's story: I was born on an Island in south Brazil and have personally been traveling the world since I was 10. I lived in Italy with my family, then in the USA for my high school senior year, followed by fashion design school in London. My life has been a compilation of adventures seeking inspiration, motivation for my art, and love - which actually drives me the most. I would say Hello Sailor is about love and finding that place in your heart, dark or bright, whether it's in your art/work, personal life, without separation.

Muko Wapi Joakim Edit (Hello Sailor's first release)

Why focus on 7” releases? Could you explain your affection to this format?
When I first thought about starting the record label I was very aware of the grounds I was stepping in: people have been doing this for their whole lives and have put out amazing pieces of work. I have a ton of respect for them and I thought it was a slightly more humble way of finding my place within the music industry and hopefully achieve what I envision for Hello Sailor Recordings. Not to mention, 7's are slightly cheaper to produce and my financial resources were limited as a startup boutique record label.

Please pick three 7” records that have a special meaning to you.
Hello Sailor "Muko Wapi" is HSR's debut record and it's very dear to me because it started everything! I found this amazing 70s African LP at a record store up in Montreal and immediately knew I wanted to do something with the song. So I asked Joakim to work on it for me, and he made a brilliantly catchy DJ-friendly edit. The album was extremely well received, which brought much recognition to the label. Second, I just recently found this Brazilian 7" from soul precursor Cassiano. The track "Ta dando mole, Ze" is great! And finally, a classic: Talking Heads - "This Must Be the Place".

Elizio de Buzios Tamanqueiro Selvagem Edit (Hello Sailor)

You go back to Brazil with your latest release...tell us about Selvagem.
I've known Augusto and Millos a.k.a. Selvagem since my São Paulo days. They DJ'ed at a Hello Sailor sunset party at Le Bain a couple years ago. So when I thought about releasing a Brazilian 7", it just made sense to have them work on these edits, like Tamanqueiro from Elizio de Buzios - it's his only release ever and now a holy grail of Brazilian funk, fetching small fortunes when found. It could be one of those greatest hits by Jorge Ben!

How would you describe Hello Sailor’s perfect balearic situation?
A voyage to Bahia on a glass-bottomed boat, continuing onto the beach for sunset 'til full moon, barefoot, sipping local fruit caipirinhas and young coconut water.

And your ideal ‘Hello Sailor’ boat trip?
Sail away on the Pacific Ocean, exploring as many Pacific Islands as possible, all the way down south to Easter Island, Chile.

Renata Do Valle Sunset People Live Mix from Le Bain

Sunday, July 12th, Le Bain presents Été d'Amour featuring Hello Sailor. Music by Renata Do Valle and Paul Raffaele. From 5pm to 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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